Terms & Conditions

1. Have to pay Admission fee 2,000/- Taka and Security fee 3,000/- Taka only but Security fee refundable and admission fee is not refundable.
2. To get security money 3,000/- Taka back, you have to submit a money receipt.
3. Seat is available for at least 6 months. If anyone cancels a hostel Seat within 6 months 30% security money will be provided.
4. In case of changing seats within hostel, you have to pay 2,000/- Taka only.
5. You have to pay monthly fee within first 5 days of every month must. In case of delay, you have to pay 100/- taka per day as late fee.
6. Have to compensate 50% of the property that you have ruined or distorted.
7. Have to communicate hostel authority within office hour in case of any problem. Our office hour 10.00 A.M to 6.00 P.M.
8. In order to cancel your seat, you have to inform one month before in black and white.
9. In case of seat cancelation due to personal problems don’t ask any compensation.
10. If you delay payment in consecutive months, your seat will be cancelled.
11. Have to pay Admission fee again, if you cancel seat or to admit into hostel again.
12. In case of mobile banking, you have to pay cash out fee.